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While independence once held great value and autonomy, joint ventures (JVs) now allow radiology groups of all sizes to work smarter. Radiology practices benefit from the clinical and business intelligence and improved performance analytics JVs can bring, as well as the potential for predictive and prescriptive analytics, increased access to radiology capacity and sub-specialized radiology talent, benchmarking and economies of scale. Read More…

Radiologic Associates, PC and Ramapo Radiology Associates, PC Announce the Formation of Empire Health Support Services, LLC

MIDDLETOWN, New York, Mar. 30, 2015 – Radiologic Associates, PC and Ramapo Radiology Associates, PC announce the formation of Empire Health Support Services, LLC.

This joint venture between two of the region’s leading radiology groups brings together 38 subspecialty, board-certified radiologists. The creation of Empire Health provides these physicians combined access to expert subspecialists and advanced technology. By pooling their resources, the members of Empire Health are committed to delivering a higher level of patient care and a stronger partnership with affiliated hospitals.

Joseph Racanelli, President of Radiologic Associates, PC states: “Our collaboration with Ramapo Radiology Associates has enabled us to expand our service offerings and improve the efficiency of our internal operations. We are thrilled to partner with them in this joint venture and widen our pool of resources.”

This joint venture reflects a broader trend of consolidation in the healthcare industry in response to ACA. Independent practices are more frequently collaborating to form larger groups optimally positioned to meet the changing strategic needs of their respective health systems and better equipped to meet growing demands for improved efficiency, impeccable accuracy and uncompromising patient care. This consolidation enables wider access to subspecialists, technology and other resources that aid in meeting and exceeding these demands.

“Our physicians now feel more supported and empowered in their ability to provide excellent patient care,” says Scott Luchs, President of Ramapo Radiology Associates, PC. “We are able to align with hospital leaders and better meet their needs, improving these crucial relationships.”

The members of Empire Health are actively recruiting other radiology groups in the region to join their network of noncompeting, collaborative radiologists who are strengthened through the integration and leveraging of combined resources.

About Empire Health Support Services, LLC

Located in Middletown, New York, Empire Health Support Services, LLC is comprised of leading radiology practices in your community who have come together to achieve a common goal – to improve the quality of patient care. We do so by leveraging our collective expertise and resources to provide world-class and comprehensive imaging services.

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